Effect of the application of the pediatric triage “JumpSTART” method on the readiness of initial handling of emergency cases in children

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Ani Sutriningsih *
Setya Haksama
Vita Maryah Ardiyani
(*) Corresponding Author:
Ani Sutriningsih | anisutriningsih60@gmail.com


Emergency cases can happen unexpectedly, occur anywhere, and may put the school in danger. The schools should prepare themselves for emergencies including how to handle the situation. The aim of this study is to find the influence of the application of paediatric triage JumpSTART method on the readiness of the initial handling emergency cases on child. This study used an experimental research with pretest and posttest of one group design. The population covers the whole teachers and employees with the total of 21 respondents taken by using purposive sampling. Data was analyzed using the Marginal Homogenity test. The results of the research showed an effect of the Paediatric Triage JumpSTART method on the readiness of the initial handling of emergencies cases with p value 0.001 (p<0.05).

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