Youth awareness on sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS in secondary schools in the Dschang Municipality (Cameroon): the Mobile Caravan Project

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Martin Sanou Sobze
Armand Tsapi Tiotsia *
Ghyslaine Bruna Djeunang Dongho
Guy Aurelien Foaleng Tankui
Joseph Fokam
Kien-Atsu Tsi
Jimmy Roger Fotso
Yannick Ngueko Azeufack
Patrick Pete Nkamedjie
Adogaye Ben Bechir Sali
Rodrigue Biguioh Mabvouna
Lucia Ercoli
Vittorio Colizzi
Gianluca Russo
(*) Corresponding Author:
Armand Tsapi Tiotsia |


Awareness is a preventive action to instill in individuals certain concepts to improve their health. It is an essential element in the prevention of sexually transmitted infection (STI)/HIV and early pregnancies among adolescents. In 2012, the prevalence of HIVin Cameroon was estimated at 4.3%. The young population appear to be the most affected (3.2%); very close to that of the Dschang Health District (Cameroon; 3.1%) in the 15-19 years age group. Theaimof this study was to evaluate the contribution of the Mobile Caravan project on the preventive aspect of STI/HIV/AIDS among youths of Dschang in 10 secondary schools within three years. 2029 students joined the project’s activities and 58.55% of them belonged to the age group of 16-21 years. Most students attended private schools. Nearly 3/4 of students (1515/2029) had an acceptable level of knowledge regarding STI/HIV/AIDS, which increased in number each year (from 641 to 716 students between 2012 and 2014). The Level of knowledge was significantly determinedby the study cycle (P=0.0004), the type of school (P=0.0027) and the year ofimplementation of activities (P=0.0026). The caravan project has greatly contributed to improving young peoples’ awareness on STI/HIV/AIDS in Dschang Municipality.

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