Seroprevalence of Ebola virus infection in Bombali District, Sierra Leone

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Nadege Goumkwa Mafopa
Gianluca Russo
Raoul Emeric Guetiya Wadoum
Emmanuel Iwerima
Vincent Batwala
Marta Giovanetti
Antonella Minutolo
Patrick Turay
Thomas B. Turay
Brima Kargbo
Massimo Amicosante
Mattei Maurizio
Carla Montesano *
Ebola Study Group
(*) Corresponding Author:
Carla Montesano |


A serosurvey of anti-Ebola Zaire virus nucleoprotein IgG prevalence was carried out among Ebola virus disease survivors and their Community Contacts in Bombali District, Sierra Leone. Our data suggest that the specie of Ebola virus (Zaire) responsible of the 2013-2016 epidemic in West Africa may cause mild or asymptomatic infection in a proportion of cases, possibly due to an efficient immune response.

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