Potential benefits and harms of the use of UV radiation in transmission of tuberculosis in South African health facilities

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Marang Tebogo Mamahlodi *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Marang Tebogo Mamahlodi | mamahmt@unisa.ac.za


The incidence and prevalence of transmitted Mycobacterium tuberculosis have risen very rapidly in modern society. Environmental control measure such as ultraviolet radiation has been introduced in various health care facilities. This preventative measure has been extensively explored in the medical, legislative and public forums. However, the guidelines and manufacturer’s claims have created controversies, in terms of prevention of cross-transmission of M. tuberculosis in health care facilities. In this article, the authors reviewed the overall benefits and harms associated with the use of ultraviolet radiation in the prevention of M. tuberculosis transmission. The author concluded that there are still existing gaps in proving beyond any reasonable doubt that ultraviolet radiations absolutely prevent the spread of M. tuberculosis in South African health facilities.

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