Journal of Public Health in Africa 2019-12-07T12:49:27+01:00 Emanuela Fusinato Open Journal Systems <p>The <strong>Journal of Public Health in Africa</strong>&nbsp;is a peer-reviewed, academic journal that focuses on health issues in the African continent.<br>The journal editors seek high quality original articles on public health-related issues, reviews, comments and more. The aim of the journal is to move public health discourse from the background to the forefront. The success of Africa’s struggle against disease depends on public health approaches.</p> Community behavior in control of rats in Leptospirosis transmission areas in Pacitan Regency, Indonesia 2019-12-07T12:49:22+01:00 Ririh Yudhastuti Aditya Sukma Pawitra M. Farid D. Lusno <p>Based on basic health research data at the end of March 2017, 23 patients were reported with positive Leptopsirosis with at least 8 deaths in Pacitan district, East Java. Leptospirosis is spread in 5 sub-districts in Pacitan Regency, namely Ngadirojo, Tulakan, Kebon Agung, Arjosari and Punung. The purpose of the study was to determine the factors that influence the control behavior of mice in the area at risk of transmission of leptospirosis. Explanatory study with survey research methods was used in this study. 92 families affected by leptospirosis were recruited through simple random sampling. The results showed that the role of health workers who are active in eradicating rats has 5.3 times the possibility of good behavior in eradicating rats when compared with the role of health workers who are less active. It can be concluded that knowledge, attitudes, information availability, and the role of health workers influence the control behavior of mice in areas at risk of leptospirosis transmission in the community.</p> 2019-10-31T11:04:29+01:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Early detection of speech delay and family factors 2019-12-07T12:49:22+01:00 Lia Kurniasari Sri Sunarti <p>Speech delay is one common developmental disorders in children. The purpose of this study was to detect factors that affect speech delay in children aged 48- 72 months. This quantitative research used analytical design with cross sectional approach. 159 children were chosen as samples in this study. Data analysis used chi square test. The results showed that family factors of speech delay with p value of 0.853 and factor of working mothers with p value 0.245. In this study, it can be concluded that there is no relationship between family factors and working mothers with speech delay. Parents need to give stimulation to their children so it will improve their language skills. Stimulation by using various game media will help children to practice communication skills.</p> 2019-10-31T11:00:35+01:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Why does de-radicalization seem a utopia? Evaluation on “Children of the Country” program 2019-12-07T12:49:23+01:00 Hafid Algristian Dian Dakwatul Choiriya Diaz Syafrie Abdillah Athiyatul Ulya Hafizh Auliyan Sodali Akbar Reza Muhammad Handayani Handayani <p>Children and adolescents are groups that are vulnerable to the radicalism influence. Curiosity and trial-error behaviour make them tend to do risk-taking behaviours. If it is not accompanied by good self-control ability, it will encourage them to do actions without thinking about the impact of these actions (impulsivity). If it is not accompanied by empathy, then it tends to be behaviour that opposes and disrupts the interests of others (aggressive behaviour). This study aimed to assess the “Children of the Country” program as an effort to de-radicalize children and adolescents. Quasi experimental study was used on 30 children and adolescents in a shelter of street children in Surabaya with a pretest/ post-test design. In order to measure the outcome of the program, a Radical Personality Test (RPT) was developed using big five personality construct. The increase of nationalism and positive behaviour score is not much to compensate the increase of negative radicalism score. This evaluation brings awareness to form a novel de-radicalization strategy for children and adolescents in the future.</p> 2019-10-31T10:57:44+01:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The relationship between emotional regulation difficulties and subjective well-being in children aged 6-7 years 2019-12-07T12:49:23+01:00 Anik Indarwati Martini Jamaris Elindra Yetti <p>A number of studies have shown the relationship between emotional regulation difficulties and subjective well-being. Reappraisal is considered a form of emotional regulation better than suppression. However, suppressing emotional expression increases the activity of physiological responses which actually harms the human health in the long run. Early age children still have difficulty in regulating their emotions, and this is likely to affect their psychological well-being if not properly managed . This study aims to examine the relationship between emotional regulation difficulties and subjective wellbeing in children aged 6-7 years. Study participants (N = 55) were children in their early childhood who were transitioned from kindergartens to Gorontalo elementary school. Data were obtained through questionnaires using an Emotional Regulation Checklist / ERC (shiedls &amp; ciccheti, 2003) and subjective welfare questionnaire. Based on data analysis using Pearson product moment correlation test, the researcher found that the correlation coefficient (rxy) is 0.408 with p = 0.000 (p &lt; 0.01). This indicates that there is a significant negative relationship between the variable of the value of emotional regulation difficulties with subjective wellbeing.</p> 2019-10-31T10:53:53+01:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Elementary school teachers’ perception of Dengue and its environmentally friendly prevention: A focus group study 2019-12-07T12:49:24+01:00 Lilik Zuhriyah Dearikha Karina Mayashinta Nia Kurnianingsih Holipah Holipah Aulia Rahmi Pawestri <p>Understanding teachers’ perceptions towards dengue prevention in schools is an important factor for an optimal implementation of dengue prevention and control measures. This qualitative study aimed to explore teachers’ perceptions of dengue and its prevention in an environmentally friendly manner. 31 informants were chosen from 6 elementary schools. Data were obtained by Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and then analyzed by using Systematic Text Condensation and an editing analysis style. The results showed that the teachers confirmed the presence of patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever from students and residents living around the school. Most teachers agree and want to know about ovitrap applications in school, which is environmentally friendly. However, most teachers refuse to manage inorganic waste because of the bad experience. Engaging teachers in dengue prevention in schools has a high potential for success as long as it is efficient in terms of time and effort.</p> 2019-10-31T10:41:25+01:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The influence of health education about the true position of breastfeeding for post partum mothers in the Pepe Village, Indonesia 2019-12-07T12:49:25+01:00 Fauziyatun Nisa Shrimarti Rukmini Devi <p>Breastfeeding is a natural process in which pregnant mothers will be breastfeeding to help their babies stay healthy. However, several factors can interfere with appropriate breastfeeding, such as family income, mothers’ knowledge about breastfeeding and supportive environment. This study aimed to identify the effect of health education on maternal behavior in breastfeeding techniques. The design of this study was one-group pre-post design. 122 postpartum mothers were chosen as samples in this study by simple random sampling technique. Data was collected using observation sheets, and then analyzed by using Wilcoxon signed rank test with a significance level of α = 0.05. The results showed that there was a significant effect of health education on maternal behavior in breastfeeding techniques with a result of p value of 0.000. It is hoped that all postpartum mothers can follow breastfeeding techniques with a proper positioning, ensure proper latching on to the nipples, so breastfeeding can be a comfortable and pain-free experience both for mothers and the babies.</p> 2019-10-31T00:00:00+01:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analysis of factors related to lung dysfunction among coal mining workers in coal processing plant 2019-12-07T12:49:25+01:00 Ratna Yuliawati Risma Arum Lintar Ainur Rachman Marjan Wahyuni <p>East Kalimantan is one of the largest areas of the coal mining industry, which can cause many health problems, such as lung disorders. The purpose of this research was to identify factors associated with lung disorders among coal mining workers in the Coal Processing Plant at Kutai Kartanegara. This research was observational analytic with cross sectional design. Twenty respondents participated in this research (total sampling). Data was collected by questionnaire and lung function was assessed by the spirometer. Data was analyzed by chisquare test. The results showed that there was a correlation between smoking habits and lung function (p=0.02), the use of masks and lung function (p=0.038), duration of work and lung function (p=0.04), and dust inhaled with lung function (p=0.04). This study showed that there was no correlation between age and lung function (p=0.77) and exercise habits and lung function impairment (p=0.178). Based on research results, to maintain the health of coal mining worker, the factory should apply smoke prohibition, safety assessment for the worker, and manage time off work for the workers.</p> 2019-10-30T15:58:42+01:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The correlation between parenting style and child creativity development 2019-12-07T12:49:26+01:00 Eppy Setiyowati Umi Hanik Mujadidien Affandi <p>Many children experience problems with creativity development. The purpose of this study was to analyze the correlations between parenting style and the creative development of their child. The study was performed on students of TK RA Al-Islah (Kindergarten). A school located in Patuk, Gempol Sub-district, Pasuruan. The design used an analytic cross sectional study. The population was 32 mothers who had children between the ages of 4 and 5. The data was collected using a questionnaire and analyzed using Fischer’s Exact test with the significance level α = 0.05. The study showed that nearly half of mothers (40.0%) applied permissive parenting style and 56.7% children had low creativity development. The result of the analysis showed a correlation between a mother’s parenting style and the creativity development of their child, p (0.016) &lt; α (0.05). The conclusion of the study was that child creativity development is positively influenced by productive parenting styles. Hence, parents are expected to apply better parenting styles to their children, for achieving better child creativity development.</p> 2019-10-30T15:57:32+01:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The differences in father involvement in parenting and the anxiety level of 7-8 year-old children experiencing sexual abuse in South Tangerang City, Indonesia 2019-12-07T12:49:27+01:00 Desy Ayuningrum Myrnawati Crie Handini Elindra Yetti <p>This study aimed to identify the relationship between father’s involvement in parenting and children anxiety level. The variables of this research were the father’s involvement in parenting (X) and the anxiety level of children (Y) using a descriptive quantitative approach. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling which consisted of children within the age range of 7-8 years old who experienced sexual abuse, having biological parents, and living in South Tangerang City. A total of 14 children were taken as the samples based on the sampling technique. Data collection was carried out through the scale of father’s involvement in parenting and the Spence Children’s Anxiety Scale. Simple linear regression was used to test the relationship between the father’s involvement in parenting and children anxiety level. The results showed that the significance score 0.000 &lt; 0.05, it means that father’s involvement influenced the anxiety level of children experiencing sexual abuse.</p> 2019-10-30T15:49:36+01:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The effects of Tui Na massage on the growth status of children under five years of age with KMS T status (low weight gain) 2019-12-07T12:49:27+01:00 Annif Munjidah Fitria Dwi Anggraini <p>Nutritional problem in urban area is generally caused by food absorption disorder which can be treated by Tui Na massage. This article was aimed to investigate the effect of Tui Na massage on the growth status of children less than five years of age with KMS T status (low weight gain in Indonesia medical record). This quasiexperimental study was conducted by implementing pre-and-posttest design with control group. This study involved 26 children less than five years of age with KMS T as research samples chosen by simple random sampling technique. The results of analysis using paired t-test on the effect before and after Tui Na massage showed p=0.019 &lt; α=0.05, while independent t-test in control and treatment group obtained p=0.065 &gt; α=0.05. It shows that Tui Na massage affects the growth status of children under five years of age. Based on those results, midwives are expected to be able to perform Tui Na massage as an effort to develop the growth status of children under five years of age.</p> 2019-10-30T15:44:39+01:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##