• 2nd Annual International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA 2022), 13-15 December 2022, Kigali, Rwanda


    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (05 May 2022)| It is with great excitement that the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announces its second Annual International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA 2022), which will take place from 13-15 December 2022 in Kigali, Rwanda. The conference theme, Preparedness for future Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Recovery: Africa at a Crossroad, offers a unique platform for African leaders, researchers, policymakers and stakeholders to share scientific findings and public health perspectives and collaborate on research, innovation and public health across the continent.

    This second edition of the conference is expected to help further Africa CDC’s mission to “strengthen Africa’s public health institutions’ capacities, capabilities, and partnerships to prevent, detect and respond quickly and effectively to disease threats based on science, evidence-based policy, and data-driven interventions and programs”.