Third International Conference on Public Health in Africa


The annual International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA) provides a unique African-led platform for leaders across the continent to reflect on lessons learned in health and science, and align on a way forward for creating more resilient health systems. 

In December 2022, 2,800 scientists, policymakers, and advocates from around the world gathered in person in Kigali, Rwanda, for CPHIA 2022 to spotlight African science and innovation, and strengthen local, regional and global collaboration, with an additional 11,625 participants joining the main conference sessions online via the live stream. This built on the success of the inaugural CPHIA 2021 convening, serving as a catalyst to drive sustainable progress against longstanding and emerging health threats.

Expanding the horizons of the conference once again, CPHIA 2023 will showcase how the continent is breaking down barriers, reaffirming Africa as a powerhouse in science and innovation, generator of new knowledge and health products, and exemplar of progress.

As African countries accelerate the realization of a New Public Health Order, this year’s conference will help to build a healthier, more prosperous Africa – for the continent, and the world.