Knowledge and practices among healthcare workers regarding dengue in Togo


  • Wendpouiré Ida Carine Zida-Compaore Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Public Health, University of Lomé
  • Fifonsi Adjidossi Gbeasor-Komlanvi Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Public Health, University of Lomé
  • Martin Kouame Tchankoni African Center of Research in Epidemiology and Public Health, Lomé
  • Arnold Junior Sadio Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Public Health, University of Lomé
  • Yao Rodion Konu Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Public Health, University of Lomé
  • Amegnona Agbonon Laboratory of Physiology and Pharmacology, Lomé, University of Lomé
  • Didier Koumavi Ekouevi Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Public Health, University of Lomé



dengue, healthcare workers, knowledge and practices, Togo


In Togo where malaria is endemic, because main signs of malaria and dengue are similar, the use of malarial drugs first could contribute to a delay in the diagnosis of dengue and the dissemination of the disease. Thus, it is important that healthcare workers (HCW) have a good knowledge of these diseases. To assess the knowledge, and practices regarding dengue infection among HCW in Togo. A cross-sectional study was carried out from November 2020 to March 2021 among HCW in Togo. A pre-tested digital questionnaire was used for data collection. Based on clinical signs of dengue, preventive measures, infection type and disease type, a knowledge score was constructed with eight questions. A total of 334 HCW with median age 32 years, IQR:(28-38) responded to the survey and the sex ratio male/female was 5.9. The majority (94.0%) of HCW have heard about dengue through training (73.3%), internet (38.0%) and media (33.2%). Compared with lower executive HCW, senior manager were more knowledgeable about the causative agent, the symptoms and preventive methods of dengue infection (p<0.001). Globally, good knowledge (score ≥6) about dengue was found for 47.1% of HCW. More than 9 out of 10 HCW (91.3%) reported the lack of dengue diagnostic tools. Providing health structures with dengue diagnostic tools and training health personnel in their use in any febrile patient with a negative or positive malaria test would help prevent dengue epidemic.

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