Non-pharmacological that most effective to reduce of primary dysmenorrhea intensity in women childbearing age: a literature review


  • WIDIA ILMIAH Politeknik Kesehatan RS Dr Soepraoen Kesdam V
  • Ikhwan Abdullah Institut Teknologi, Sains, dan Kesehatan RS dr. Soepraoen Kesdam V/ Brawijaya
  • Juliati Koesrini Institut Teknologi, Sains, dan Kesehatan RS dr. Soepraoen Kesdam V/ Brawijaya



Non Pharmacology, Intensity, Primary Dismenorrhea, Women Childbearing Age


One of the most common female reproductive health problems is primary dysmenorrhea. Data on the incidence of primary dysmenorrhea complained about 50-90% of women in the world. Primary dysmenorrhea data in the US is 30-70%, in Sweden is 30%, in Mexico is 64%, in Italy is 68%, in Jordan is 55.8%, in Turkey is 84.9%, and in Malaysia is 74.5%, in Indonesia is 60-70% and 15% of its, it interferes with daily activities including work. The cause of this is hypercontractility of the myometrium due to excessive secretion of prostaglandins. This study aims to explore the most effective non-pharmacological therapies in reducing the level of primary dysmenorrhea pain in women of childbearing age. The design of this study is a literature review with the PRISMA method. Database Google, Google Scholar, Research gate, Cochran Data Base, Embase, NCBI, Sciendirect, SAGE, Elsevier, Sinta. The population of this study was all full-text international journals indexed by Scopus and national journals indexed by Sinta 1-6 published in 2011-2021 including RCT amount of 114 articles. A sample of 23 articles meets the inclusion criteria and used thematic data analysis. The results of non-pharmacological therapy that effectively overcome primary dysmenorrhea pain, namely the first group with (p= 0.000). The conclusions showed that Murrotal Qur'an, yoga, acupressure, counter pressure massage, effleurage massage, consume green coconut water and avocado juice combination with massage were proven to be equally effective in overcoming complaints of primary dysmenorrhea pain quickly without being accompanied by side effects

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