Is antero‑lateral complex of knee joint of critical importance in restoring rotational instability in patients with anterior cruciate ligament tear?




Antero-lateral ligament, Anterior cruciate ligament, Knee instability


Antero-lateral ligament complex (ALC) is a vital structure for maintaining rotational stability of the knee. Evaluation of ALC radiologically (MRI) is still unpopular in setting of anterior cruciate ligament injury. A dire necessity exists for the orthopedic surgeons in outdoor patient department settings to rule out involvement of ALC. So, that it can be addressed during operating for Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury. The authors have formulated an algorithm on a personal level and have implemented this screening program and initiated screening of young to middle aged patients reporting with rotational knee instability for ALC involvement before recommending final operative plan. This screening program which uses specifically devised physical tests have significantly reduced the number of underdiagnosed Antero Lateral Ligament tear.

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