Notification: New Editorial highlights the need for an equitable pandemic agreement in Africa


Dive into the Editorial ‘The pandemic agreement: Achieving an African win for health security inequity,’ published in the open-access Journal of Public Health in Africa (JPHIA). Explore the urgent need for a new Pandemic Agreement and the central role of African leadership in ensuring equitable health security. Read, learn, and join the critical conversation in reshaping global health policy. Let's strive for a win-win approach that champions equity for all.


Read the Editorial.


Authors: Nicaise Ndembi, Nebiyu Dereje, Fifa A. Rahman, Benjamin Djoudalbaye, Aggrey Aluso, Nina Schwalbe, Tajudeen Raji, Mosoka P. Fallah, Sofonias K. Tessema, Mohamed Moussif, Sultani Matendechero, Olive Shisana, Alain N. Ngongo, Jean Kaseya


Posted: 2024-05-23

Press Release: Exciting update!

Our past two editorials for the Journal of Applied Neurosciences are available! Discover the vision and mission behind our new journal and the innovative research we aim to showcase in neuroscience and other biological underpinnings of human behaviour. Read the insightful editorials by our Editor-in-Chief, Dirk J. Geldenhuys, and learn more about our journey and goals. Check it out here:  
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Press Release: The wait is over!

The wait is finally over! We are proud to introduce the African Journal of Creative Economy, your new go-to source for the latest research and insights in Cultural Economics, Creative Industries, Arts and Culture Management and Cultural Studies and Cultural Policy.  Explore our inaugural editorial by Jeanette D. Snowball and Richard Haines, featuring pioneering studies and expert opinions. Don't miss out on the start of something big! Visit  
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Notification: Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Research History: Rediscover Timeless Insights

Embark on a journey through the annals of research history! Our journal's archives hold a wealth of knowledge waiting to be rediscovered. From pioneering studies to timeless insights, explore the foundations of today's discussions. Join us in celebrating research history and uncovering the gems that continue to shape our understanding.  
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Notification: Unlock a wealth of knowledge with our publisher's library of research!

Dive deep into the latest findings and discoveries in your field. Browse Dive deep into the latest findings and discoveries in your field. From groundbreaking studies to insightful analyses, our publisher's library at has it all covered. Explore a wealth of knowledge waiting for you to uncover!  
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Press Release: Meeting Report: United in the Fight Against Mpox in Africa. High-level Emergency Regional Meeting.


From 11 – 13 April 2024, a ‘High-Level Emergency Regional Meeting on Mpox in Africa’ was convened by Africa CDC in collaboration with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and multiple other partners, including CEPI, WHO, UNICEF, INSP, and US Government among others.


This report highlights key findings from 9 technical sessions. Download the full report.


Posted: 2024-05-14

Press Release: Editor-in-Chief Nicaise Ndembi received special recognition at Africa Healthcare Awards and Summit 2024


We are pleased to announce that our Editor-in-Chief, Nicaise Ndembi, has received a special recognition award at the Africa Healthcare Awards and Summit 2024, in Accra, Ghana, organised by Zenith Global Health and African Global Health.


This prestigious accolade acknowledges his exemplary contributions to public health, particularly highlighting his efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic and propelling Africa's new public order.


In his expression of gratitude, he commended the summit's role in facilitating the exchange of ideas and addressing the continent's public health challenges under the theme “Advances in Population Health-Tackling Inequalities and Access: A One Health Approach.”


We are immensely proud of his achievements and the honour it brings to our publication, recognising his dedication and impactful work in advancing healthcare across Africa.


We invite you to submit your latest research to the Journal of Public Health in Africa (JPHIA) for consideration, to contribute to the open-access content available to everyone, and to share your expertise with a wider audience.


Posted: 2024-05-03

Notification: The 2nd Declaration of Marrakech has been published

We are thrilled to announce the publication of the 2nd Declaration of Marrakech, resulting from the 2nd African and 1st South-South Health Harm Reduction Conference. This significant event took place in the city of Marrakech from September 27th to 29th, 2023. With 83 participating countries, approximately 700 speakers, and more than 2,500 participants from all corners of Africa, the Global South, and the rest of the world, this conference was a resounding success. During this momentous gathering, the conference featured five panel sessions, two side events, five book signing sessions, two press conferences, and an exhibition area with over 45 exhibitors. The event was inaugurated by the esteemed presence of the Head of the Moroccan Government, Mr. Aziz Akhannouch, who delivered the opening remarks. Additionally, Ministers and Ambassadors from Africa, South America, Asia, and many other regions lent their support and insights to the conference. Under the overarching theme of "Health in Africa: Water, Environment, and Food Security," the conference provided a platform for meaningful discussions and exchanges of ideas. The collective expertise of distinguished speakers and participants enriched these discussions, shaping the outcome of the Declaration of Marrakech.  
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