Analysis of factors related to lung dysfunction among coal mining workers in coal processing plant

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Ratna Yuliawati *
Risma Arum Lintar
Ainur Rachman
Marjan Wahyuni
(*) Corresponding Author:
Ratna Yuliawati |


East Kalimantan is one of the largest areas of the coal mining industry, which can cause many health problems, such as lung disorders. The purpose of this research was to identify factors associated with lung disorders among coal mining workers in the Coal Processing Plant at Kutai Kartanegara. This research was observational analytic with cross sectional design. Twenty respondents participated in this research (total sampling). Data was collected by questionnaire and lung function was assessed by the spirometer. Data was analyzed by chisquare test. The results showed that there was a correlation between smoking habits and lung function (p=0.02), the use of masks and lung function (p=0.038), duration of work and lung function (p=0.04), and dust inhaled with lung function (p=0.04). This study showed that there was no correlation between age and lung function (p=0.77) and exercise habits and lung function impairment (p=0.178). Based on research results, to maintain the health of coal mining worker, the factory should apply smoke prohibition, safety assessment for the worker, and manage time off work for the workers.

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