Community based health insurance scheme: Preferences of rural dwellers of the federal capital territory Abuja, Nigeria

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Christiana Ogben
Olayinka Ilesanmi *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Olayinka Ilesanmi |


In 2010, community based health insurance scheme (CBHIS) was launched in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria. Little is known about the preferences and perception of the rural dwellers of the FCT about the scheme. This study aimed to determine the preferences of healthcare consumers towards CBHIS in FCT. A descriptive cross sectional study of 287 household heads was done. Systematic random sampling was used. Information was collected using a semi-structured, interviewer administered questionnaire. Data was analysed with SPSS version 21. Male respondents were 175 (61%), 242 (84.3%) were aware of the existence of CBHIS, 126 (82%) also enrolled their dependents. Annual payment of health insurance premium was preferred by 91 (59.9%) of enrolled respondents, 92 (60.1%) enrolled in the scheme because they perceived it to be a cheap way to access healthcare. No proper understanding was the reason why 33 (28.4%) of those aware of the scheme did not enroll themselves or their dependents. Only 124 (55.1%) were satisfied with the overall services provided to them by their health care provider (HCP). More community enlightenment on CBHIS is required. There is a need to factor in the preferences of the community members into the FCTCBHIS to determine what community members are willing to pay for their healthcare premium and how making contributions will be convenient for them.

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